Forno do Beco, Caldas da Rainha


Forno do Beco, Caldas da Rainha. From professor to business man, mister Paulo Santos, a teacher at Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Oeste (EHTO – School of Hospitality and Tourism of the West) , soon became a reference in the local chocolatier art.

A reference is also, his new space – Beco do Forno, where he applies his 32 years of experience in the bakery and pastry fields.

Reverse the address name and you will get the business name, Forno do Beco is known for its craft production, quality and let’s not deny it, known as well for the amazing smell that fills the alley…

A unique and excellence space in Caldas da Rainha, that guarantees a low production on behalf of freshness.

From wheat and seeds bread to spelt bread passing through conventual sweets, Forno do Beco provides treatment and service quality.

Proof of that are the Caldenses that roam around town, holding Beco’s sausage bread little paper bags.

Inside the bakery, you can also taste the famous Grandma’s Coffee from Mercearia Pena, a local icon store.

The bakery schedule is from 7h00 to 19h00, don’t miss the chance to awaken new tastes and colors.

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