Flor de Algodão City Spa

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Flor de Algodão City Spa

Flor de Algodão City Spa

Caldas da Rainha

Some say that “Spa” is an acronym for “salus per aquam”, a Latin phrase meaning “health through water”. Nowadays the word translates personalized answering service and that’s what you will find in Flor de Algodão City Spa, where you breathe not only health, but also beauty and wellness.

From relaxing massage to geothermal massage to the base or hot stone massage to four hands, everything goes through you pamper the senses.

Being the conection with natural elements the touchstone for your wellbeing, you can choose thalassotherapy which as the name indicates is a therapy by seawater combined with marine elements such as algae, mud or clay.

And as you should not neglect the nutritional care this City-Spa offers you “healthy mixes for who wants to be happier,” the super food of the line Rise of the well known brand Origins is indicated by nutritionists.

In the city center, you will find this well maintained and very pleasant space, a new concept of Hydrotherapy and wellness care full of the sympathy of those who have it, and where time runs slower…

If you want to relax your body and mind, to abstract yourself from the current stress, the bad news or work in an atmosphere of serenity, between aromas, sounds and therapies, Flor de Algodão – City Spa is your space!