Ginja Caldas D’Óbidos

Sour Cherry Liquor and local produtcs

Ginja Caldas D’Óbidos

Caldas da Rainha

Opened at Rua de Camões, near one of the D.Carlos I Park entrances, lives a little store, small and naughty it peaks to the street with a sign – Ginja Caldas D’Óbidos, with or without them, it tastes good and gives rush!

With or without them, them who? – Asks a curious tourist. Them the sour cherry’s. The sour cherry liqueur chooses this house as a nest and tasting space. With or without the fruit, truth is that cups are drunk to the bottom.

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Ginja Caldas D’Óbidos bets on the west coast products and delights, an extensive range of delicacies that leaves you wanting to take a little bit of everything. The bet reinforces handmade and quality products, giving port wine marmalade, sour cherry chocolates, chocolate liqueur, penny-royal and mint liqueur, chestnut liqueur and the famous mistiko liqueur (mysterious liqueur) the spotlight they deserve.

The sour cherry pastry is one of the house favorites and clearly one of the writers choice. Go recommends it!

This is the ideal store to pass by if you are willing to discover what’s new in the west coast, taste or takes a gulp and offer as a souvenir.