Bago D’Ouro Winery

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Bago D’Ouro Winery

Caldas da Rainha

The Bago D’Ouro Winery is one of Caldas traditional market icons. Its beverages are largely known by the community as they supply most of the restaurants, bars and homes in Caldas da Rainha.

Here you can find excellent choices of Red wines, Whites and Rosés fit to go with your entry dishes, main course, desserts or even just for tasting purposes.

Bago D´Ouro Winery also offers you the opportunity to buy a nice Porto (some of them dated from 1890) or a Dry Gin so that you can enjoy a great time in the best company.

The store, right in the city’ center upholds a promising surprise. Inside Bago D’Ouro Winery, there is a well-equipped room for these gods nectars’ tastings. All of them approved by Baco himself!

As if it wasn’t enough, despite having everything you need when it comes to beverages it also has a parking lot nearby! You can park your car 100 meters upfront in the underground parking zone at 5 de Outubro square.