Caldas Late Night

Returns on May 2017!

May / June

Caldas da Rainha

Annual Event

Have you ever been on a swing? A swing on a tall and dark balcony while contemplating the bright stars and the noiseless night sky.

Have you ever been in a city’ main plaza with a pillow in your hand, waiting for the sign that will unleash an anarchic feathers fight? Have you ever wandered in an unknown house, full of particularities?

Graffitis on the walls, art in every object, messages on every corner, written with no sense though with so much meaning, reinvented furniture that twists our mind and enchants our concepts. It’s called freedom of creation.
These are some scenarios brought by Caldas Late Night.

Organized by students from Caldas da Rainha arts school since 1997, this event opens the city’ streets and homes to design, performances, fine arts, graphic arts, sounds and concepts that not only are outside of the box but never had space in it!

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Wear your backpack, your camera, place a cup in your hand, free your mind and you are good to go. To enjoy CLN we recommend you to leave your troubles at home and embrace the day, feel free, so free that if you forget your map at the hotel, don’t worry! Look for another one in the nearest coffee shop.

Caldas Late Night is a live museum of contemporary art. Day and night more than 5thousand people roam this artistic city streets ready to be amazed and for sure, they will be!

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