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Caldas da Rainha

The Bordallo Pinheiro Faiance Factory was opened in 1907, by Manuel Gustavo Bordalo Pinheiro, son of the “Master” Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro.

Built behind one of the city wonders, Park D. Carlos I, the Bordallo Pinheiro Factory was instaled where once was the former Factory of the Caldas da Rainha Faiance.

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro played the main role on the former factory has artistic director, between 1884 and 1905, and was where he became famous by its ceramic works.

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro died in 1905 and the former factory was sold on public auction and was later scrapped.

Although that episode made a huge negative impact on the local ceramic industry, Manuel Gustavo Bordalo Pinheiro quickly decided to continue the work started by his father, opening a new Factory, Bordallo Pinheiro Factory, a facility that has been working since 1907 until today.

Today the industrial complex of the Bordallo Pinheiro Faiances doesn’t work inside the ancient building from 1907, being transferred to a new and modern facility on the outskirts of Caldas da Rainha, being the original building used today to house the shop and a Museum about Bordallo Pinheiro.

Although the original building is no longer the central point of the production, it is still a huge testimonial of the presence of Bordallo Pinheiro in Caldas since 1884 and it is a mandatory stop to those who are visiting our city because the building keeps the decorative elements on its facade that everybody likes to see.

Visiting the original building of Bordalo Pinheiro Factory is a excellent opportunity to take a close look, even to buy if thats your choice, to some of the pieces made famous by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, some of them becoming later national symbols, known worldwide.

If you want to visit the museum you need to book a visit with the shop administration!

If you want to know more about Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro and his presence in Caldas da Rainha, recently it was opened Rota Bordaliana, a walk path within the city stopping by the most emblematic places where Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro left is legacy.

This Rout identifies the pieces made by Bordalo Pinheiro, the material produced on the factory he worked but also joins all the city tributes to the “Master”, his presence in Caldas is constant and you will be able to find references to him all over the city.

On of the main attraction today are the giant replicas of some of the most famous works made by Bordalo Pinheiro, both father and son, and produced by the actual Bordalo Pinheiro Factory.

This giant pieces spead all over the city are one good reason to know the city at the same time you get know more about Bordalo Pinheiro.

If you like to know more about Bordalo Pinheiro, gives us a call and book a City Tour.

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