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Visiting Caldas da Rainha

You just get to Caldas da Rainha and found out that there is too much to see, lots of options to choose from and you don’t know where to start or what are the mandatory stops?

Not surprisingly for us that your state of mind is that, and we are here to help you find one “path” that allows you to experience the best of our city and have the best possible journey while you’re visiting us.

Once Caldas have many points of interest, which may vary depending on your interests, we will leave you some proposals for how you can tailor the visit to our city taking in attention the time you spending at here, not having you any excuse for not enjoy your stay here.

Regardless of the time that you can spend and what are your interest, there are a few places where a stop is mandatory!

Proposal for noon in Caldas

This is an ideal proposal for those who can only come to Caldas for a couple of hour, and still seek to make the most of the those few spent here.

A soft version … but in a hurry!

Fruit Square

Square Fruit is one of city symbols and here you can find the open air market, which runs daily unstoppable since the eighteenth century, and where you can buy fresh vegetables, homemade bread or cheese and sausages produced locally and with the best quality.

Every day, even on Sundays in the morning, from 07h00 until 14h30, the market is waiting for you.

Besides the market there is still a range of shops and services such as fashion shops, banks, jewelers but also sites where you can rest your legs and drink something.

Do not forget to enjoy the artistic and historical notes that Fruit Square has to show you.

Rua das Montras

The Rua das Montras is also an important place in our land as it is the most famous street and one of the busiest in the city and, as the name by which we know it does imply, montras (storefronts) and shops is what you can find in quantity and quality.

There are still some historical and property details that you must not fail to take into account in Rua das Montras.

Rua Camões

Rua Camões is the ideal place to buy a souvenir so you can have a souvenir about your visit. Since the traditional dishes of Caldas, with all its aspects, through cavacas, kisses or trouxas-de-ovos, here you will find all this in quantity and quality.

In addition there are always interesting and must-see historical notes as well as the vicinity of the, always delicious and inviting, D. Carlos I Park, not to mention the fact that at the street ends you can find the Thermal Hospital and the “Rainha“.

So many good reasons for not forget to stop in Rua Camões.

D. Carlos I Park

After rambling by the suggested streets nothing better than a brief tour on the “lungs of our city” and enjoy nature, green areas, animal company, and if you feel in the mood, you can even go boating on the lake.

Furthermore there is a whole vast catalog of historical and heritage notes that you should not fail to take into account when your visiting D. Carlos I Park.

For one morning, you can not say this is not a heel of program!

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