Streets and Avenues of Caldas da Rainha

Our cosmopolitanism!

Streets and Avenues of Caldas da Rainha, Gocaldas, your Local Touristic GuideThe streets of Caldas – Our cosmopolitanism!

The city of Caldas da Rainha is known for its cosmopolitanism, where commerce plays a important economical e social role, whether the more traditional or the most contemporary.

We are one of the counties with the highest percentage of commercial spaces per square meter and we like that.

There is nothing better to be able to move through the streets of a city and find all the variety of products and spaces … and all this with the sky as ceiling and clean air as climate control.

And when to all that we can gather the history and heritage that our town offers, you certainly agree with us that there will be few cities in the world with this wonderful combination between what is historical and traditional but simultaneously modern and contemporary.

If you already know the streets of Caldas, you have to come to revisit us, if you do not know is more than the time you visit us to see it with your own eyes … and legs … that what we write here is true.

We will give you some tips about the most important streets that you can not miss, ensuring that you will find huge reasons for you to spend a full day in our land.

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