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Rota Bordaliana Tour

Rota Bordaliana City Tour will allow you to have a close look to Bordalo Pinheiro legacy in Caldas da Rainha, a history made famous no only by the ceramic work done by him, but also the places he attended we he lived in Caldas and all the tribute the city and its inhabitants have payed to him, since is death.

To ensure that you take full advantage of your stay in Caldas, Gocaldas ensures a guided tour to the main elements of Bordalo Pinheiro legacy, that is more than just his ceramic work, and has also a lot of interesting and funny stories about his presence at Caldas da Rainha.

Get ready for an amazing journey with Rota Bordaliana City Tour and be introduce to both Rafael and Manuel Gustavo Bordalo Pinheiro as well as to all the town places where their work can be seen. The former Bordalo Pinheiro Factory facility and all the town building with tile work made by then or the recently opened giant replicas rout of iconic ceramic characters created by them.

This is just a part of what you will be shown in this city tour!

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For Who?

For those who have interest in getting to know more about Bordalo Pinheiro and its work, one of the most artistic and rich legacies in Portugal.

For you who loves to discover, that wants to visit those small but precious details about the places history and heritage and want to go back home with an amazing journey and a backpack full of good memories and awesome experiences.

The tour is adjusted to the all visitors’ needs, with several locations where you can rest while tasting some of the local delights.


Book the tour at [email protected] or 961 481 448.


* Getting to know Bordalo Pinheiro work
* Getting to know the places linked to Bordalo Pinheiro
* Learning stories and history about Bordalo Pinheiro at Caldas
* Getting to know Caldas da Rainha

Tour Informations


From Tuesday to Sunday


At 10h00 and 15h00

Meeting Point:

Touristic Office


2 persons = 40€

5 persons = 85€

8 persons = 140€

+8 persons = Under budget


Under budget

Visit Length:

About 3 Hours


Portuguese, English 

Rota Bordaliana Tour